The 3 pillars of sustainable development

Nowadays, it is hardly conceivable to implement a logistics organization without considering this notion. At Scibars, we consider three components when talking about sustainable development:

  • Any development should be economically sustainable.
    A company without profits is bound to disappear. Good management of resources (cost controlling) and available capital (investments and inventory) are prerequisites for a well-driven company.
  • We should also develop in a socially responsible manner.
    Whatever strategies and systems, they always need to be implemented and managed by the people in your company. Here again, we emphasize our capacity to create SOLUTIONS FOR PEOPLE, BY PEOPLE.
  • When working on solutions, we will make every effort to make them environmentally friendly.
    This includes, amongst others:
    • We optimize your transport through calculation of centers of gravity for warehouse location, as well as by maximizing the fill rate in trucks.
    • Conceiving warehouses by using the newest techniques allowing you to save on water and energy.