Keylog Ingénierie et Systèmes  is an engineering firm specializing in logistics. They are mainly involved in designing or revamping of platforms for storage and distribution. Their approach of "Design and Build" allows simultaneous management of projects and managing interactive interfaces.

Keylog Engineering and Systems has unsurpassed expertise in the implementation of tools such as cranes, conveyors, sorters, AGV ...

XMC (based in Münster, Germany) specializes in strategic and operational planning and in implementation and management processes of logistics systems.
With years of experience in various industries, XMC has developed particular expertise in developing solutions that incorporate the principles of sustainable development.
Through his professionalism and expertise, XMC is able to assist its clients in the areas of cost optimization and service.

MDB-SCS is a subsidiary of SCIBARS specializing in improving the productivity of logistics sites. MDB-SCS has developed a method and software (PikXtr@) that optimizes the location of products in the picking, to reduce the distances of preparation.
The method PikXtr@ is characterized by a highly innovative approach, based on the principles of crystallization in metals and using assessment methods derived from genetic research and simulation on DNA.

Consultants and experts ValidIT have proven experience in the deployment of complete project validation and monitoring of business processes, including certification from the publisher at the Mercury technology solutions from HP Software, a global leader in BTO - Business Technology Information - HP Performance Center, HP Business Avalibility Center, HP Quality Center.

B2B Tech is a designer, publisher and integrator of software specializing in relations with the retail, transportation, aerospace, banking, finance, administration, automotive, optics ... Actor of the B2B market (EDI, XML, EFI, WebEDI). B2B provides consulting services, training, EDI, support and solutions based on EDI.