SCIBARS creates MDB-SCS: a subsidiary dedicated to warehouse productivity

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Keeping costs under control has always been one of the hot topics in managing logistics activities. Labor is one of the main cost drivers in warehouse logistics. And within this area, order picking certainly represents the bulk of the effort. Often, picking activity represents up to 60% of total labor.

tl_files/client/Presentation/Pixtra.jpgBased on this observation, SCIBARS has developed a method that enables a significant increase in order picking productivity in almost any warehouse. This revolutionary method goes by the name of PikXtr@.

In order to create a support for this method, SCIBARS teamed up with IT specialists at Valid IT and launched the development of a revolutionary software tool. To this purpose, both companies decided to create a joint venture: MDB-SCS.

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Whereas WMS systems often are capable of optimizing picking routes in warehouses, product implementation in picking areas is generally still based on so called frequency analyses (ABC). And here is where PikXtr@ helps out. Years of experience in logistics operations have been combined with a scientific approach of this specific area.

tl_files/client/Actualites/actu1.pngtl_files/client/Actualites/actu2.pngPikXtr@ aims at reducing picking distances (using the WMS logic applied in your warehouse) by calculating an optimal goods implementation. The innovation of this process resides in the algorithms stemming from two different scientific domains. First, product affinities are computed by using calculation techniques used to simulate the effect of crystallization of steel molecules. Second, and in order to manage the overwhelming amount of possible combinations, PikXtr@ applies algorithms borrowed from genetic simulation research.
This approach and the possibility to accurately measure the distance covered by order pickers "before" and "after" the optimization makes PikXtr@ so special. Our method is probably the only one able to eliminate the guesswork out of this activity. PikXtr@ is able to calculate millions of combinations and will propose the implementation of products offering the lowest picking distances!



Optimizing your order picking with PikXtr@ has tremendous advantages:

  • No investment required in IT equipment
  • You do not have to create an interface with your current WMS or ERP
  • No investment required in handling equipment
  • For implementing of our method, no training is required
  • Your order pickers continue to do their work "as usual"
  • Results are obtained in no time

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