SCIBARS: 5 years already

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Years of consulting activity already !
In March 2011, SCIBARS completes its fifth business year.
Years, filled with special events, customers and partners. 

Special Events

tl_files/client/Partenaires/Logo Partner MDB.JPGWe consider the creation of our subsidiary MDB-SCS as a major happening during the existence of our company. MDB-SCS is specialized in warehouse productivity through the creation of a fully in-house developed method : PikXtr@. To find out more about this innovative technique, visit, or contact




Right from the start, SCIBARS teamed up with an array of highly professional and knowledgeable partners. Our goal : present a service offer based on a series of highly skilled consultants. Amongst our partners :

15 years of experience in software dedicated to the automatic supervision of data flows. ValidIT develops and markets innovative solutions for validation and monitoring of service levels of business processes and data flows in information systems.

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XMC (baed in Münster, Germany) is specialized in strategic and operationnal planning, as well as in implementing logistics management systems and processes.

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Keylog Ingénierie et Systèmes is a consulting company specialized in logistics engineering. They have unequaled expertise in the implementation of equipment such as automated storage cranes, conveyors, sorting machines, AGV, …




We are proud to enjoy the confidence of our customers. Over time, our philosophy in customer acquisition has been confirmed. We do not systematically say "Yes, we can" and when we accept a mission we want to "deliver more than promised". Some of our missions :


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Reduction of 50% of storage area
Implementation of multi-order picking
15% increase in picking productivity


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  tl_files/client/Partenaires/Logo Reference IKEA.jpg

Reduction of out of stock items
Conceptualization of automatic storage system
Introduction of inventory management system


Audit of home delivery operations, cost / benefit analysis
Start up of a new warehouse with customer pick-up