Coaching, Training, Recruiting and Transition Management

Several studies indicate the issue: Western European companies are about to encounter major difficulties to attract the executives to fill their needs. This will translate into operational problems, additional costs due to sub-optimization, and finally a loss of sales. In best case this will weaken the market position of these companies. In worst case, they will simply disappear!


SCIBARS can help you to retain and develop your current high potentials. We are able to offer you the following services:

1. Coaching for executives on all levels

2. Supply Chain trainings for different populations (operations, commercial, sales administration …)

3. Recruitment of executives in the area of logistics and supply chain management

If, by accident you happen to be short of a manager in a key position for a limited duration, SCIBARS offers you a transition management solution, by proposing the services of one of our experts during that period. This will allow you to continue operations under the best possible conditions.