Distribution Logistics

Over the years, SCIBARS has gathered considerable experience in the conception and implementation of Distribution networks. Together with our partners, we are perfectly capable to assist you in this area.

Localization and optimization barycentirc

Not just about computing !

Optimizing warehouse location and center of gravity: such calculations are a good start when thinking about the location for a new warehouse. However, many other elements should be taken into consideration: your geographical development, the evolution of transport structures and rules, work force availability, the level of investment required, possibilities to receive subsidies, …
At SCIBARS we take into account all these factors, as well as others, in order to define the best possible location for your future logistics center

Searching for land and/or investors

Setting up a new logistics center is a complex undertaking, requiring specific know-how… as well as a capacity to invest. SCIBARS can help in finding you appropriate and reliable investors for this type of operations. Our partners in this area possess an exceptional track record, as well as a wealth of relations. Knowing whom to talk to in order to get all necessary authorizations is key in these projects.

Setting up and equipping your warehouse

Defining the right size for the building, its layout, choosing the storage and handling equipment. These issues have a crucial importance for the future operations on site. Errors in this stage must be avoided because any corrective action afterwards is synonym to disturbances in operations and therefore costs.